Sunday, August 22, 2021

The Laughingstock of Salem, Indiana

Salem, Indiana despite its checkered past with racial problems including a certain unknown percentage of the town and now city being comprised of bigots, racists, Klan members and other sorts of unsavory characters was at least a decent place to live. Despite the stupidity of racist ideas and stupidity of that entire ideology as if the residents of Salem were somehow mentally and genetically superior to that of other races and Salem being in many ways a sundown town at least most people had some basic respect for the rest of society. Not any more in most cases In Salem these days you have landlords, apartment managers and other cretins that allow all kinds of criminals and miscreant trash to roam their premises while tenants and individuals that pay their bills and do the right get thing are harassed for calling out bad behavior. Not to mention the open and outright abuse of drugs such as marijuana, meth, opioids and pills that are regularly used by these individuals. All in the plain sight of anyone and known by many people including the landlords and apartment managers and such. Strangely enough when scumbags are doing drugs in the presence of children (who are young and impressionable) those who complain about the illicit use of these drugs in violation of apartment leases are often told in no less than threatening language they'll be evicted. Then again, if one calls the local Salem Indiana police about a pot smoker whose foul odors go through walls and into the next apartment nothing ends up getting done even though the department supposedly has a drug dog to sniff out weed, meth use, and other contraband. Interestingly enough having to battle such people with criminal records out the wazoo seems to be a common problem in Salem, All the while these same LOSERS and drugheads have criminal records going back years even decades. However, whenever you bring this up to the local yokels in Salem you'll get the response that its not the person you are thinking of when you find that they have a checkered criminal past. Of course, you know you've got the right person based on name, physical characteristics, age, arrest records, previous addresses and such. All the while the goon apartment manager screams about how their record came back as clean. Obviously they didn't know how to do a proper background check either or their superiors in the business. Add in that many drug abusers have other criminal involvement involving thefts, auto thefts, burglaries, drunk driving one would think a simple search of these individuals in court records would suffice. Not so in hillbilly mentality Salem where the average IQ is about 85 and its been dipping for the past couple of decades. Add in the rotten school systems of Washington County where half of the kids graduate 12th grade without even being at a 12th grade reading or English composition proficiency. Math appears to be even worse when its only about 35 percent which is why Washington County residents and a whole lot of Salemites don't make much money. However to listen to the local education officials in the superintendent offices including superintendents, assistant superintendents and other butt kissers one would think that Salem, Indiana and Washington County in general has the best schools in the region. However, a close look at statistics and rankings from 2012 through the pandemic start of 2020 shows that Salem High School, Salem Middle School and Bradie Shrum Elementary all score way below many school districts in other counties of Indiana in similar demographic areas, school size, resources and much more. When an elementary school repeatedly receives a C or D rating from the Indiana Department of Education it doesn't say much about the quality of the school when from 2012/2013 until 2020 the ranking is a C or mostly D ranking by the state. Even more laughable is to hear a former principal of Bradie Shrum make the comment that its less about the education of children but how they get along with others. Hmmm, sounds like they're more interested in social promotion rather than producing children that will grow into adults and realize what a totally fucked up place that Salem, Indiana truly is and leave for greener pastures. The best part of this is that I can go back to my high school class of 130-140 and remember that only about 1/4 of the graduates at that time stayed in Salem and the rest moved elsewhere because they knew what a rotten dump that Salem, Indiana truly is and that opportunities, jobs and futures were vastly improved when looking elsewhere. It's even more damning when in 2021 that most of these people will be retiring in 10 to 15 years and looking to move somewhere else but they won't be moving back to dumpy little run down Salem especially when its wracked with semi-illiterate young adults and middle aged dropouts by then . Not to mention drugs everywhere which has been the case in Washington County for the last 10 to 15 years but also going back to the 1980s and 1990s when the small town mafia style goons started bringing in dope such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth and other trash. The problem is do the people of Washington County really care? Or are they mostly sitting in their little restaurants and houses and hypocritical churches while the community around them turns into a cesspool of meth heads, heroin junkies and 80 IQ pot smokers with criminal records so long that they couldn't get a stable decent job anywhere much less amount to anything else. This isn't quite the Salem, Indiana that I remember and its been repeated countless thousands of times across the country over the last 30 years of dope being dumped everywhere which has made for a nation full of dopes who are incapable of logic, reason, sound education and being a decent person or upstanding citizens. There have always been lowlifes, scofflaws and criminals but the current state of affairs in Washington County, Indiana is ridiculous.

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