Sunday, August 8, 2021

Salem, Indiana is Turning Into A Run Down Dump

Salem Is Turning Into A Dump........ What did he just say? He said Salem is turning into a dump. Yes, I said it. I've had family that has lived in Washington County since the very beginning of this community in 1814 of which my ancestors gave up their land that ended up being platted and use by John DePauw and others to start the town and build it up. For most of my several decades of existence this community of Salem and other parts of Washington County was largely a fine place to live and generally family and community oriented. I can no longer say that when I see the refuse and trash and garbage all over the City of Salem. Recent mayors and city council members have forgotten who they work for and who they serve in the public to make this community the best that it can be. When you can get in your car and rive all over Salem and start video of the trash problem from people not cleaning up after themselves and leaving garbage in the streets, parking lots, businesses, on roadways, along roadways, etc. Supposedly the town/city has littering ordinances and local laws that should be enforced to encourage proper behavior. Same with needing to enforce animal ordinances and curb disruptive things like barking animals, stray dogs, garbage disposal and trash pickup. People who do these things rarely get a helping hand from the myriad of city employees that sit around on their asses and collect a paycheck while the town looks like a DUMP. This isn't just a few people causing this problem, its a community wide problem. No different than a bunch of drunks, druggies or clowns hanging around town causing problems. In other words what we used to call small town hoods. Salem can do a lot better. Maybe someone needs to start asking Justin Green why Salem isn't cleaning up its act so the town doesn't look like a DAMN ASHTRAY. As well as fining people that throw plastic and garbage and fast food bags out of their vehicle windows of the SH*TBOXES they drive through town without a care in the world. Stupid behavior shouldn't be rewarded in any way shape or form.

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