Sunday, August 8, 2021

The Billy Bob Government Officials of Washington County, Indiana

[03/01/20] One thing about Washington County government that never changes is the sheer amount of stupidity of many of the local officials. Before I get blamed for smearing them with a wide brush not all of them are stupid but there are many stupid ideas and even more stupid opinions that expressed by these people that call themselves county officials. Washington County government has been a total laughingstock for as long as I can remember and that's going back to the 1980s but its gotten much worse over the years. From the crummy way the local politicians and good old boys treat the public with total contempt from the way that they could give a damn less about what the public thinks about various proposals. From hiding records from the citizens groups wanting change and reform to violating Indiana's Open Records Law and Open Door policies to just plain hiding things or trying to sweep them under the rugs. It's well past time for the citizens of Washington County, Indiana to start putting these small town hoods and tyrants back in their rightful place at the ballot box and also by going to their meetings, questioning their actions, motives and intentions behind their clown games. The stakes are too high for this community because once a community gets a bad name for corruption, drug problems, criminality and such it is very difficult for the community to recover without a vast change in fortunes. Washington County is at a crossroads both economically and socially with massive changes coming to our country in economics, politics and such. We have sat still for far too long and let the good old boy system run things and they've FAILED at being competent managers and stewards of the public trust. Instead, they make their backroom deals and cover-ups so that they don't get roasted by the general public. The same could be said of the Salem School Board in 2018 running a Friday afternoon meeting in order to levy another 13 million dollars in taxes and more property taxes for those living in the areas covered by Salem Community Schools. All so they could get their 13 million dollars underhanded as usual and basically saying screw the public and the taxpayers. It's time for total transparency in government at the state, local and federal levels. It's time to start calling out crooked public officials not only a sizable number of them in Washington County but also the State Of Indiana as the United States. It's time for Washington County citizens to be good stewards of what we have and to always EXPECT MORE. [02/26/20] Cleaning Up The Streets of Salem and The Roadways of Washington County It might be added that Washington County has a trash problem in that many of our local residents seem to think that trash belongs outside of their vehicles along the highways, streets and country roads of Washington County. Trash makes our community look bad and makes us look like a bunch of senseless idiots when we have people throwing out beer bottles, beer cans, fast food bags, needles, food wrappers, household junk, couches, chairs and all kind of other little nasty items that people throw out onto our roadways and streets in this county. The question is what are Washington County officials doing about the litter problem other than making a few cosmetic changes to make it look better. The same could be said for the center of the City of Salem that looks like it needs a bath especially areas of South Main Street, South Water Street, South High Street as well as a few other areas. Not to mention the mess that is now South Main Street since state highway designation was taken away back in 2012 that it has became increasingly rough, bumpy, unpaved and looks like something I would see in places that I've visited that I would prefer to never visit again. There is no excuse why the Salem City Council and Salem Mayor can't get things done that actually benefit the community and fixing our infrastructure is one of them and another is making sure that public employees are performing their jobs to satisfactory levels and fixing problems. When people call the mayor's office they want to talk to someone or relay a concern not be blown off by the previous mayor or other city officials that seem to have a problem answering to those that pay their salaries Not to mention these public officials need to get off their asses and start by cleaning up whole blocks of our community, painting curbs where there is fading paint, planting trees and flowers and shrubbery and working on a plan for putting some sidewalks in the town in places that really need them. There is no reason why we have people walking out in traffic on SR 56/60 because the town refuses to find ways to at least put reasonable sidewalks in places that really need them. Not to mention some improved lighting and signage so people aren't getting ran over. Including painting the lines around the Salem Square. It seems that our public officials have checked out and are out to lunch but not only during the noon hour but most of the rest of the time they should be getting things done for the community. Furthermore, Salem needs to start working on revamping the community and fixing not only our streets and infrastructure but also clean up the community and that starts with all of us participating in community cleanup efforts but even more importantly that means not throwing things out of your car windows and truck windows or leaving your trash where it doesn't belong. Trash belongs in a receptacle not on the ground and it belongs in dumpsters and proper cans and not strewn across the parking lots of the businesses of Salem. This is unacceptable that this sort of behavior is allowed. Our county roads in Washington County area an unmitigated disaster in that we have tons of waste, cans, bottles, trash, food wrappers, fast food bags, plastics alongside the roadways all over Washington County. Not to mention needles and other disgusting things that are being left in places that someone's child could pick up get some sort of disease like Hepatitis or who knows what they are leaving behind. Furthermore, the county officials need to get off their asses and start focusing on representing the county and all of the taxpayers and county residents. The same goes with people letting their youth do things like peeing/leaving waste in public places when there are facilities meant for public use and to be treated with respect. It's time to put down the childish things and take personal responsibility and of course to EXPECT MORE. [02/26/20] Where are all the scions/prominent people in Washington County when our local officials continue to grind the people into the ground with increased taxes while doing nothing for two generations to create a more stable tax base and a more prosperous community. Of course, they'll make the same tired old assumptions how no businesses would want to come to Salem, Indiana because well we're 18 miles from the Interstate. Interestingly that theory doesn't work for cities in Indiana such as Jasper, Bedford, Madison and others over the years that have attracted a lot of different businesses and new factories and facilities. However, the GOOD OLD BOY network in Salem, Indiana doesn't want anything to change. THEY CERTAINLY DON'T WANT THE PEOPLE aka TAXPAYERS who are treated like PEONS with contempt by the local authorities to start QUESTIONING the economic screwing that they have been getting over the past 30 to 40 years while other communities attempted to retain and expand to new industries and businesses that expanded their tax base. Of course, the GOOD OLD BOYS don't want their power structure changed or people to start asking intelligent questions about why and what they are doing with OUR MONEY and OUR COMMUNITY. Much less that the locals might finally tire of the SAME OLD CRAP that they've been fed for 30 to 40 years while other communities in Indiana and this region of Indiana have economically expanded and improved their tax base, etc. Washington County and its dumb officials have spent years making excuses about why Salem can't attract new business and new business development because it might start breaking down the old way of doing things and the old way of the GOOD OLD BOYS and their handpicked goons and tyrants running roughshod over the people. This isn't a political campaign, its a community cleanup campaign because the good people in Washington County deserve a HELL OF A LOT BETTER than what they have been fed for the past 40 years. Washington County and Salem can do so much better and as usual our closing theme is to EXPECT MORE

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