Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Are You Tired Of Political Corruption in Salem, Indiana and Washington County

Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Here is where the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Indiana steps in. If you're tired of the local prosecutor's office refusing to fairly assess and prosecute the law? If you're tired of corrupt and criminal law enforcement and judges not doing their job? If you're tired of the good old boys and corrupt politicians and career coffee drinkers in Salem, Indiana protecting their own kinfolk at the expense of the taxpayers, its time to contact these folks. 

If you're tired of nepotism, corruption, and family dealings in Salem, Indiana with the same people holding sway over the community for decades including a whole clan of them working at the Washington County Courthouse and subsequent county offices this is one place you might want to contact. Tired of general government corruption and the local Washington County syndicate treated different people differently even though the laws and legal statutes must be done in accordance with the Indiana Code?

Under previous US Attorney For Southern Indiana Joseph Hogsett (now Indianapolis mayor) his office and the subsequent holder of the office has been pursuing political corruption cases, corrupt financial dealings, and criminal actions by local government officials in Indiana and wants you to inform his office of such. 

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Salem Corruption

Washington County Drug Crackdown

Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption
Interesting how Washington County Indiana police and public officials all of a sudden in December started cracking making huge drug busts in Salem and surrounding communities. As if all of a sudden after the Hambel trial the powers that be in Salem decided to start cracking down on the drug dealers.
Salem officials and county officials must have found out that Salem has a publicity problem when it comes to having people in power turning a blind eye to the drug problem. Probably because for many of the last 25 years the local cartel in Salem and the good old boy politicians and a couple of lawyers have been making sure that they were all protected.
It will be interesting to note how the corrupt court system will handle these cases from now on that one of the judges proclaimed himself as the Voice of Justice in Washington County. All the while they have spent years covering up for the criminal class and crooks running the community.
All of a sudden they've got more drug busts in the Salem birdcage liner but they never target the trash that is bringing in the major amount of drugs and paraphernalia that is troubling small towns like Salem, Indiana. Who are they covering up for in higher places in Salem, Indiana?
While I am at it, why aren't they correctly going after real criminals in Washington County, Indiana that are threatening public safety and compromising the safety of area families? Just like recent stories of someone having their home shot up and nothing was done about it?
Who are the people who are being covered up for and why is the local law enforcement and sheriffs department complicit in not following the laws applicable to the situation? 
Something also that needs to be asked, is what is the orientation politically and family wise that allows certain people in Washington County, Indiana to continue to get by with crimes against others and crimes against society, yet they continue to get off time and time again for said crimes. 
Meanwhile, honest people get framed by the political system and corrupt law enforcement of Washington County, Indiana in this writers honest opinion. All the while a farcical justice system is allowed to permeate the rest of the community allowing for criminal government actors to be able to do whatever they want without no repercussions for their illegal and immoral activities. 

Salem Corruption