Saturday, February 12, 2022

Doing What's Right For Washington County

It's interesting that the Washington County Prosecutor talks about doing what's right for Washington County, Indiana and has in his previous statements done so repeatedly. Then why is it that political corruption and police corruption along with election violations pertaining to the Salem, Indiana mayoral election of 2019 get absolutely no attention. Now its well known around these parts that Washington County, Indiana has long been a hotbed of political corruption and the good old boy system rubbing each others backsides. Not to mention the various incidents which have happened over the years in Salem, Indiana and environs such as American citizens being denied their constitutional and civil rights by the local authorities. Much like it's sister county to the north Jackson County where in 2021 a black inmate arrested for shoplifting and evasion was arrested by the police and sheriff's department there. Only to be found dead some time later apparently being poisoned in jail while being in jail which should be a place where contraband shouldn't be and prisoners shouldn't be mistreated. This state of affairs is well known to have happened in the past in Washington County, Indiana along with citizens being harassed by various members of law enforcement and so called good old boys including one local neanderthal politician telling a community member that she needed to be more careful as in don't expose the good old boy politicians and butt kissers. You know the type being the community do gooders that always talk about doing their public good in the community while drugs and dope and corruption stinks up the entire county. Not to mention hiding things from the public that involves community funds being stolen away and ending up in the pockets of public officials and those related to the public officials. Add in a couple of judges that are more interested in their own version of the law rather than following the Indiana Code and Indiana and United States Constitution. I wonder when this said Prosecutor and his staff of hired guns are going to start investigating the misuse of public funds including COVID aid that mysteriously went to a few businesses around Salem. Some of that money mysteriously went into a few people's pockets including someone that didn't even have a business entity nor filed the proper reports and information with the Secretary of State along with the Indiana Department of Revenue and other necessary filing requirements all businesses have to comply with. Since we're on doing what is right for Washington County do ask why is it that Washington County is one of the biggest drug dens in all of Southern Indiana and has been for about 30 years? Ask yourself why haven't the powers that be in Salem, Indiana including all of these public officials aren't really interested in fixing the methamphetamine crisis and heroin issues that plague Washington County and Salem, Indiana. Ask yourself why Salem is just as a big of a drug den as it was 20 years ago when it mostly marijuana and LSD that was a big local problem and a few well known citizens were known to be involved in the drug trade. Of course the local city police and Sheriff's Department of that time turned a blind eye to the corruption and the public officials that knew all about it got real mum about the whole thing when anyone questioned them. Of course one local businessman in Salem was involved in making sure that someone was bailed out of a Florida jail when they were caught importing drugs and also was able to get out of the pickle without a scratch. Wonder why that was? Because Daddy Warbucks got on a plane and flew down to Florida to make sure this community member didn't get a jail sentence in the big house. Let's also ask why people were getting beaten in the County Jail back in the 1970s and 1980s and for all anyone knows it could still be happening behind closed doors. After all look at the rough pictures of those arrested and put in the police mugshots and media when these people are arrested. Most people don't run around with cuts and bruises to their face or black eyes unless they were physically assaulted and I don't think they were running into doorknobs or getting into a fight with their woodstove. Let's also ask a question of why local law enforcement and local officials are above the law or think they are because no one at the state level in Indiana or the FBI hasn't been to Washington County, Indiana to check things out because everything is just hunky dory in Washington County, Indiana and Salem, Indiana. It reminds me of an incident a couple of years ago when a so called scion of the community was highly upset of someone writing an article criticizing the local community of Salem, Indiana and they also talked about the same sort of corruption that I have mentioned in my posts here. Not to mention they had made mention of the corruption issues with drugs and telling the young people of Washington County that they should consider moving to other places with less corruption and do as little business with Washington County as possible and that includes local businesses and outfits. One young lady who posted such a diatribe that she didn't write and she just posted what she read was pilloried and condemned by the local do gooders and the community so called back scratchers and leaders. Including one prominent former Salem businessman well aged into his years who criticized her for writing the piece and then later having to backtrack because he didn't know who wrote the piece. Of course being a lifelong butt kisser and crony in Salem, Indiana was that "Salem is not corrupt" yet there are thousands of people in Washington County that know by personal experience in dealing with the police, legal system and judicial system that they've been screwed in some cases countless times by the good old boy system and those who are in power who behave corruptly. Even to the point that a former resident of Salem and Washington County now living in Arizona once remarked "Shame on those locals and public officials that are profiting from the drug trade and turning their eyes the other way while drugs are ruining the community" paraphrased of course because I can't locate the exact quote made in 2020 or thereabout. So when are the public officials of Washington County going to actually do the right thing for Washington County and actually do something about the drug problems and corruption problems in Washington County. It's 2022 and they can't hide things like they used to do in Salem, Indiana because we've got our cameras and we've got the internet and we've got the First Amendment to bring these things to light. There is one thing that cockroaches and mice and other vermin truly hate and that is the light and especially the light of truth shining on their crookedness and criminality and nefarious deeds. Shine on Washington County and you can do so much better than the criminal element that exists in your local authorities and local government. It's too bad that the local citizenry is still asleep or accepting of this corruption because they're often related to someone that is involved knee deep in something they shouldn't be doing. Calling out these vultures and criminals is really doing what is right for Washington County not the prostitutor's office making useless statements protecting their backside.

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