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Does Washington County, Indiana have a legitimate drug problem?

Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Recently a troubled young man in Salem, Indiana in Washington County, Indiana went to a local law enforcement officer and told said officer that someone was dealing drugs out of a house and that his relative was doing such.

However, instead this was not followed up on properly by the City of Salem police force and Indiana State Police among others.

The young man that was involved in said crime unfortunately took matters in his own hands and allegedly committed murder. This story obviously at this point has been posted all over the local media and media as far as Bedford, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky giving Salem, Indiana another black eye as a community that is chock full of drugs.

One would think that Washington County, Indiana government along with the City of Salem would be wringing their hands over the drug issue that has been plaguing Salem, Indiana and environs over the past 25 to 30 years.

Yet we hear nothing from these incompetent public officials and no desire to get to the bottom of the problem. This includes the Indiana State Police which seems to have its hands tied in getting to the bottom of these drug problem except for the press releases where they claim to be taking "dopers" off the streets.

Yet this criminality problem goes much deeper than a bunch of local lowlifes that are dealing drugs and committing various crimes that bring down the quality of life in Salem, Indiana and Washington County, Indiana.

Since its been well known for decades that Salem, Indiana has been known as a drug infested community by not only the local people in the community, one would think that the town leaders, Mayors, County Council, City Council, and County Commissioners along with the Judges and law enforcement community would want to clean up the mess.

This stench has reached even as far as Indianapolis, the state capital of Indiana, during the past several decades but has been ignored for way too long. Instead of coming down hard on the public officials that turn their heads the other way, the local officials have ignored this problem. This isn't a case of a couple of local hoods bringing drugs into this community. Its a case of people turning their head in local government and letting some good old boys cover the drug trade and commit their crimes without any prosecution and jail time.

They've known this for decades that there is a drug problem in Salem, Indiana and Washington County, Indiana but have conveniently ignored the problem and ignored the damage that it has been doing to generations of people including some of their own family members.

As if they are trying to cover up for someone and trying to help the criminal class and some highly placed important people escape being held accountable for their criminality and their criminal racketeering enterprise. Yet after decades of these issues and the black eye that the Louisville media was able to deliver to this community, these people do nothing.

Again another case of official government and public malfeasance by not only the good old boy politicians and legal eagles in Salem, Indiana but the people that should be watching these people and making them do their job are also complicit in this sort of nonsense.

One has to wonder how many more lives will be destroyed by drug abuse and criminal actions to the point that these people will have destroyed themselves. Not to mention the OFFICIAL public malfeasance and corruption that the public officials have turned a blind eye to for so long and they know it.

Instead, Salem, Indiana and Washington County with the lack of interest from the Indiana State Police decides to turn a blind eye to these drug dealers and criminal sycophants. Wonder why that is and who have they been protecting for so long?

Allegedly these people along with many people in Salem, Indiana and the surrounding county profess the Christian faith which is about desiring the truth of all things yet these people refuse to do their duty to their fellow man and correct these problems. One has to wonder what their Creator would say about all of these missteps and laying down and refusing to do their public oaths and duties.

Yet they have refused to do their duty for decades and clean up the drug problems and resulting criminality that exists. One has to wonder why and who are they covering up for?Salem Corruption

More Washington County Governmental Follies

Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Every year we continue to hear the Washington County, Indiana County Council and Washington County, IN Board of Commissioners continue to moan and groan about their lack of funding and ability to manage a county budget. Continually the citizens are expected to continue to absorb more tax increases whether its property tax increases, public safety taxes, and other municipal taxes passed along by the City of Salem, Town of Pekin, etc.

All the while these incompetent nincompoops are continually whining and badgering the public about more taxation without adequate representation they continually try to find ways to cut services to county residents all the while receiving millions of dollars from all the residents of the county in various taxes. Just a nice examination of the property tax and local taxes via Indiana state government and local property tax records shows this type of massive waste and expenditure.

All so Washington County residents can receive less government services or in many cases no government services.

Washington County, Indiana and the Washington County Highway Department can't even be bothered with even mowing roadsides these days and help make the community and county look a bit better than it does. Nor can the Washington County local governmental bodies be bothered with picking up roadside debris and trash along the roadways either by having their own employees do such or having jail inmates pay their debt to society by actually performing some basic work.

What in the hell are we paying all these taxes and fees including user fees for governmental services if they are not going to get off their rear end to do their job?

In fact, why are we paying all these taxes? So a bunch of people in county government including the judges and law enforcement community can have cushy jobs and county employees can spend time watching YouTube on county time?

Exactly what do these legions of bumpkins and lazy individuals do all day except constitute a drain on the rest of the society that works and pays taxes?

This is going to offend the good old boys and political appointees and their sycophants by who cares. Maybe its time for real change in Washington County, Indiana as in people voting these bums out of office and getting some progressive people that want to improve the economic and social situation in Washington County, Indiana. Salem Corruption
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