Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Washington County Courthouse Fiasco

Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Several years ago it was determined that the clock tower of the Washington County courthouse in Salem, IN needed massive repairs to preserve its structural integrity and to preserve the 120 year old structure. This was done about 2008 when a new roof was supposed to fix a great deal of the problem. Yet after spending countless public dollars for repair work, the people of the county will be on the hook again for more repairs to a 128 year old courthouse that is seem by many as a landmark for the area.

Only if the walls of that courthouse could talk about all the backroom deals, malfeasance, corruption, and government mismanagement that has occurred over the last few decades. Not to mention the facts are that the county commissioners in the past have been involved in doing everything they can to stop the citizens from knowing things. Especially when they have violated the Indiana Open Door Laws and Open Records laws for many years.

One has to wonder why the Good Old Boys in Washington County, Indiana and Salem, Indiana are always trying their damnedest to keep the general population of the county from knowing what is truly going on in their government. Not the government of the elites or their political lackeys that currently consist of the Council and Commissioners.

It has been this way for years since at least the early 1990s if not before that there was little access to these public meetings and the closed door smoke filled room sessions of years past. In Indiana, see we have an open door meetings act that allows the citizens to know what their government is doing. Not some secret assembly of smoke filled rooms where cigars and booze are present but an actual meeting that is open to the pubic.

Even more laughable is that this County Council and the County Commissioners have their meetings at the most inconvenient time for the working population of Washington County, Indiana. It would be so difficult for these miscreants to actually have their open meetings in evening hours at say 6 pm instead of the current 9 am starting times. Considering that most of the county has to pay their bills and be adequately employed means that they can't show up to these meetings. Kind of like how the County Commissioners and County Council has to have closed executive meetings where they can talk about things off the record.

That way they can do pretty much whatever they want behind the doors during their closed EXECUTIVE sessions and they put out their dog and pony show during the regular meeting where the people don't have time to attend.

The same goes for the County Council in Washington County, Indiana having its executive meetings at 8:15 to 8:45 am and having their little pow wow before opening the regular monthly meeting at 9 AM at the Washington County Government (Injustice) Center or as should be called Washington County Corruption Center.

However, these people in power in Washington County have traditionally enjoyed screwing over their constituents with tax issues or property tax issues because they have never been held accountable for their government spending and waste of funds. If this was a normally operated business and enterprise or the family budget, ultimately it would result in the closing of the business or the bankruptcy of the business or the family unit.

Yet after blowing an untold amount of money on repairs in 2008 and 2009 and getting nothing but a bandaid fix for a problem, they want another way to stick it into the rear end of the community and county at large. So instead this time they are asking for donations before they figure out how to screw the taxpayers with another tax increase. So they will need hundreds of thousands of dollars again to fix a problem that should have been handled correctly in 2008 and 2009. Instead of kicking the can down the road so they could bleed the taxpayers again in 2016.....2017....2020...or elsewhere. This is called incompetent government.

Just like how they screwed the taxpayers by having another County Option Public Safety Tax and other taxes on the working people of Washington County. All the while being one of the poorest counties in the entire State of Indiana year after year for decades. A county where 40 to 50 percent of residents have to travel to other Indiana counties like Lawrence, Orange, Jackson, Scott, Clark, Floyd, Harrison, and Louisville, Kentucky to get meaningful and paying employment.

All the while these leeches have suggested that we need more taxes and more tax burden when a county has employees screwing off on the Internet watching YouTube videos, Internet porn, and doing personal business on county government time. Time that the taxpayers end up paying for in the term of salaries and benefits for employees who are doing nothing productive to serve the needs of the citizens of Washington County.

Haven't we all had enough of this malfeasance and miscreant behavior from our so called public servants?Salem Corruption Active Search Results

Washington County and Drugs

Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption If we are to listen to the prosecuting authorities in Washington County, Indiana, we are to believe that they are doing their absolute best in ridding as one best can of drugs and criminal enterprises in Washington County, Indiana.

We are to believe that they are trying to come down hard on felons and criminals who are bringing in and supplying the community with heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and other banned narcotic substances.

One is led to believe that these people have nothing but the most noble and decent intentions when it comes to ridding our communities of drugs and doing their best to rid the community of the common criminals that exist in Salem, Campbellsburg, Pekin, and other surrounding communities.

All the while for years the public officials in Washington County, Indiana have known that these drug criminals exist and in most cases probably know who they are.

See, drugs aren't just something used by the end users but it also means that you have a dealer who answers to a higher up authority as in a crime boss or someone who finances and distributes the trash that exists on our streets and in our communities. That higher up authority obviously is not God or a creator being.

The Washington County courts, judges, and prosecutors for years have know that drugs are a scourge on our community, leading to more addiction, more dependency, domestic issues, criminality, and many of the social ills facing our community and society. Yet they have refused for decades to get tough on drugs and tough on real criminality by people in various places of power.

Maybe this is because they know who the high level drug distributorship individuals are because they are intimately familiar with them. Perhaps they have similar likes or professions like law and order which is unevenly administered where a users gets several years in a state penitentiary like Branchville, Michigan City, Pendleton or one of the other fine Indiana institutions for criminals.

However, the case is that none of the upper level drug dealers and distribution points in Washington County, Indiana are ever busted for this corruption. Maybe its because they hold similar positions in the law community or are good friends with the local law enforcement community.

All the while, the hypocrites talk about cleaning up the community and focusing on removing and reducing the drug scourge from Meth Heads in the community. While the local hospital regularly has to have the police show up to dissuade the drug users from acting in a violent manner because their drug issues cause them to act in a violent way.

Yet to hear the ramblings of the Indiana State Police and its commanders at the local level, "We're going to be coming down hard on dopers" and statements like "We Just busted a bunch of dopers"
However, its cheap talk because even though the State Police and local authorities talk about raiding and arresting someone with drugs, they never bothered with dealing with the law and order community that obviously knows who is bringing in the drugs and allowing this madness and stupidity to continue.

Its another case of the GOOD OLE BOY system smacking each other on the back and talk about what a great job they are doing in arresting a few street users while doing nothing in reality to bust the high level dealers and the people they know are involved in the transshipment of such substances from other countries and even allowing the manufacture of drugs.

Its kind of like the whole idea of letting a fox into the henhouse through the back door or a hole in the fencing all the while talking about what a great job they are doing at the front door. Its time for policies and priorities to change instead of turning their heads the other way.

A good percentage of people in Washington County know this problem exists but the officials know not to arrest and prosecute certain people because they have too much power. Not to mention those lowly elected officials and lowly law enforcement representatives would have to get new jobs or leave the community. Salem Corruption Active Search Results

We're Back

Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption After a long hiatus from posting due to a problematic temporary medical condition its time to start updating this information blog about the real Washington County, Indiana and the real corruption so that goes on in this community not only in the law enforcement community but also among lawyers, judges, and people in the community that believe that they can by with anything just as long as they know the right people. It's time for these people in Salem, Indiana and surrounding communities to be held accountable for their corruption, nepotism, favortism, and misdeeds in government. Washington County certainly doesn't hold a monopoly on incompetent and corrupt politicians but its certainly one area in which these miscreants need to be held responsible for their apathy, corruption, and lack of competence while in office.

This blog and other associated sites soon to come online will expose these people for the nefarious characters that they are. As well as exposing public corruption that should be prosecuted by the state authorities but they also refuse to do their job.

Instead of setting these people up as an example that corruption does not pay the State of Indiana looks the other way and lets local governmental bodies walk all over the rights of the people. Despite the desire of the people to remonstrate these acts taken by the scoundrels that run this county, the Indiana Legislature refuses to do its job and start by sending in the Indiana State Police and affiliated governmental agencies to investigate public corruption.

While the Indianapolis based United States Attorney Joseph Hogsett (now mayor of Indianapolis, IN) made a plea for people to come forward to prosecute judicial and public government corruption several years ago, these pleas have not been followed through on in the case of Washington County, Indiana.

This blog and other associated sites will continue to expose THE GOOD OLE BOY system that has been running Washington County, Indiana and the communities that exist in the county including Salem, Pekin, Campbellsburg, Hardinsburg, and other smaller non listed communities encompassing the entire county.

Its time to hold these officials and their appointed bureaucrats and lackeys responsible for the malfeasance, mismanagement, and incompetence in handling the public trust and the public affairs of the people. The very people that pay their salaries and pay their wages out of the meager economy of Washington County, IN. Salem Corruption