Sunday, August 8, 2021

The Scions of Washington County, Indiana......Totally Clueless Do Gooders Patting Themselves On Their Back While Their Community Turns Into a Drug Infested Dump

[02/26/20] Where are all the scions/prominent people in Washington County when our local officials continue to grind the people into the ground with increased taxes while doing nothing for two generations to create a more stable tax base and a more prosperous community. Of course, they'll make the same tired old assumptions how no businesses would want to come to Salem, Indiana because well we're 18 miles from the Interstate. Interestingly that theory doesn't work for cities in Indiana such as Jasper, Bedford, Madison and others over the years that have attracted a lot of different businesses and new factories and facilities. However, the GOOD OLD BOY network in Salem, Indiana doesn't want anything to change. THEY CERTAINLY DON'T WANT THE PEOPLE aka TAXPAYERS who are treated like PEONS with contempt by the local authorities to start QUESTIONING the economic screwing that they have been getting over the past 30 to 40 years while other communities attempted to retain and expand to new industries and businesses that expanded their tax base. Of course, the GOOD OLD BOYS don't want their power structure changed or people to start asking intelligent questions about why and what they are doing with OUR MONEY and OUR COMMUNITY. Much less that the locals might finally tire of the SAME OLD CRAP that they've been fed for 30 to 40 years while other communities in Indiana and this region of Indiana have economically expanded and improved their tax base, etc. Washington County and its dumb officials have spent years making excuses about why Salem can't attract new business and new business development because it might start breaking down the old way of doing things and the old way of the GOOD OLD BOYS and their handpicked goons and tyrants running roughshod over the people. This isn't a political campaign, its a community cleanup campaign because the good people in Washington County deserve a HELL OF A LOT BETTER than what they have been fed for the past 40 years. Washington County and Salem can do so much better and as usual our closing theme is to EXPECT MORE

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