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Washington County, IN and City of Salem, IN Budget Problems

Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption We've been hearing over the past few years since the economic decline of 2008 of how the county is doing worse economically, less tax revenue and the need to raise taxes on the citizenry and those who work for a living. So on top of their having to commute in many cases to other cities in the area for jobs..........they also get to pay more taxes. Yet to hear the County Commissioners and County Council.....we needed a new jail, then for Salem to get a bypass that cost upwards of 15 to 20 million..........then more money for infrastructure such as the bypass and SR 56 in Salem.

Where are they getting all this money at a time when they county couldn't even put enough salt and cinders on county roads last winter 2013 and 2014. The usual problem was that they were out of the materials and didn't have money to replenish their new stocks.

Yet they got their new corrections facility and prison in Salem.......lock stock and barrel. How many millions were spent on that waste of taxpayer funding. Not only to house more prisoners but to also keep prisoners from other locations in Indiana. Who is going to get the money for those prisoners? Will it end up in the Washington County Sheriff's Department coffers to be spent in their general fund for whatever they deem necessary or will these expenses and revenues from keep these criminals end up in the county coffers. Of course, how much will they waste in discretionary spending for whatever pet project they have that will create jobs for their cronies and good buddy types.

Anyone ask that question. Then to have a county council member run off to another county in Indiana to inspect their facility and who knows what kind of deals were cut by previous administrations that were elected. How much money are they going to get and where is that money going to go? In someone's pocket at the county jail. To replace vehicles wrecked in chases or because of incompetence? Who will be responsible for accounting for the money? Kind of like letting a fox guard a hen house don't you think?

Yet at the same time Salem spent nearly 20 million dollars on a bypass that has nothing on it even after being open since late 2012. No jobs. Oh, but to listen to the Mayor and his staff............we're getting a WAL Mart. Of course, it happens 25 years after other communities in Southern Indiana got a Wal Mart including Corydon in 1986........Scottsburg in 1988.......Seymour in 1988.........Bedford in 1987.........Clarksville in 1988. Wonder what took so long? Too many people in Salem didn't want it because it would hurt their overpriced and non competitive businesses while keeping out other businesses.

Wonder the county and city has budget problems? Gee. could it have to do with less tax revenues.....less working people. Zero job growth........lackadaisical and lazy non leadership at the county level, city level. But we've got a thing for you......its another DOLLAR STORE as if a town can only run on Dollar Stores and fast food places.

Why they don't want more jobs here? Would it have to do with existing employers having to pay more and getting their employees raises and more benefits. Less crappy slave labor jobs and employers being able to dump on people because they know that people would find another job.

So when these local clowns in government tell you they can't do anything about jobs.....then they shouldn't be raising your taxes. In fact. its time for a good house cleaning in Washington County Indiana and voting them all out of office. Every last one of them and every one of their enablers as well. Salem Corruption Active Search Results

The Salem, Indiana Right To Know Media

Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption The Local Right To Know Media

Wonder where the local right to know media is in Salem, Indiana. After all, isn't the job of the media to expose the truth to the public rather than just play music or read an occasional news blurb or some other piece. Where the is local print media in exposing and investigating governmental corruption especially political and judicial corruption as well as that in law enforcement.

Wonder why there is a enforced news blackout in Washington County, Indiana and Salem Indiana regarding corruption by public officials over the last few decades. Is it because too many people in government are related or of the well heeled class and to expose their incompetence and corruption would be too much light shone on the corrupt ones.

Kind of like how drug cases over the years were looked the other way by not only the law enforcement community but also the legal professionals who are supposed to follow the law. Of course, that depends on whom you are related to and who you are also covering up for. Or that people have been framed and accused of far less criminal activities yet end up in prison for longer terms because they couldn't pay the right people. All in the name of supposed liberty and justice for all. Don't you think that's more hypocrisy in action that little people get larger sentences than the drug dealers, drug importers, and hard core REAL criminals. Salem Corruption Active Search Results

Washington County Indiana: A Culture of Corruption

Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Salem Corruption The leaders and community elites have failed the people of Washington County, Indiana and the people of the general community. They have done this through their arrogance, greed, and corrupt practices. For a little background information, perhaps see how many ethics violations have occurred in county government over the past few years. That is just the reported ethics violations that have been pursued.

Isn't nepotism a case of corruption and ethics violations? Isn't it a patronage system where the good old boy mantra of ripping off the public to get a few backs scratched a ethics violation?

How about the fact that for years the public officials in concert with local low wage businesses have conspired to keep wages low, employment opportunities scarce, and the REAL prospect of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT away for the average taxpayer and citizen. All to protect their small business buddies sitting in their smoke filled rooms not unlike the political bosses of yesteryear. Think it doesn't happen? Then why does Washington County, Indiana have some of the highest rates of POVERTY and CHILD POVERTY in the whole state of Indiana? Gee, does one think that all of the employers and their low wage service jobs are a part of the issue. Or the lack of business that actually pays its workers a wage on which they can truly live.

Do the commissioners, council, and political prostitutes ever visit their constituency or do they instead live in their Life of Riley world where everything is fine and all is good just for them and their cronies.

Why is it that the average family income in Salem, Indiana in Washington County at least 14,000 dollars below the state level of income across the entire state of Indiana. Because of a lousy local job market where there are few paying jobs because the local small business often finds ways to screw their employees.

To top this all off, the state grants tax incentives to these low wage corporations for worker training. Which is a job of the corporation, not the STATE. Why is it that our elected officials haven't caught onto this scam? One manufacturer if not more in Salem receives grants from the State of Indiana so they can pay their low wage slaves something on the order of 7 to 8 dollars an hour. Now why does a multi million dollar corporation need a tax incentive to create low wage jobs. If they are going to create them anyway, then why should this parts manufacturer get one cent from the public treasury.

To hear these factory managers around Salem, many of whom are ill-educated fools despite their alleged schooling, its totally preposterous that the AMERICAN PEOPLE. should allow their PUBLIC TREASURY to be robbed all for multinational corporations and their ilk. These are the same people that are using SLAVE LABOR in Communist China at a quarter an hour while they mark up the prices here in America.

One local outfit has the audacity to tell the women in their plant of how good they are being treated and how good their employer is despite the average wage being 8 dollars an hour. Meanwhile, these morally corrupt and debased corporate clowns are trying to tell these women, oh how great it is while the owner of the company not only owns two local manufacturing plants but also involved in a accounting firm in the Louisville Metro area.

These local business leaders and their cronies will not stop their systematic destruction of the American workforce until We THE People step up and by force of law make these people do right. They won't do right because they want to be nice or considerate. They won't do right because they are Christians who actually live as they are supposed to. They won't do right because they believe in liberty, human rights, and basic decency. The only time they will do right is when WE THE PEOPLE force these corrupt purveyors of corporate corruption to abide by our laws and our standards.

Which brings us back to the fact that OUR local government and officials are largely bought off and in bed with those that do what they want whenever they want. Exactly where do these small town bosses think that they get their tax monies from, and from whom? Well, it appears to me that WE THE PEOPLE give them a job in order to enforce the laws and perform public service.

We do not and should not allow these political cronies and their business establishment to continue to bring our country down to THIRD WORLD status just to kowtow to the wishes of the corporate masters. If American and Multinational Corporations have their way, then all Americans will face a lowering of their standard of living and the destruction of our REPUBLIC.

Our nation is a Constitutional Republic with the democratic right to vote for our elected representatives. It is not a pure democracy or in any way shape or form affiliated with the Democratic party or any other political party. Our leaders are elected by WE THE PEOPLE and for them to do the jobs we elect them to do. Not only are the beholden to uphold the United States Constitution but also what laws we have as Americans to maintain domestic order and tranquility. Not to be the political puppets of some corporate entity.

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Washington County and Slave Wages

When our local officials and managers talk, it sounds as if one is passing gas and in fact that is what they are doing. Have these people ever had the intelligence to give a candid and honest assessment of what this community and its local organizations have going for it. Have these people ever spent time outside of this community and wondered what assets can be used for community wide improvement?

Or is it a case of small minds leading everyone else down the wrong path? So instead of perpetuating the economic vibrancy of a community it is better to create low wage jobs and lack economic improvement? Why is it that 20 percent of the youth in Washington County, Indiana live under the poverty level? Why is it that for a family of four the poverty level is slightly below 20,000 dollars per year when that is a very low figure? Why hasn't the city produced more in the way of tangible economic and educational opportunities for its citizens. Is this all that we can do as a community to impove the lives and well-being of the citizenry?

Or is it another symptom of 30 years of failure and a lack of vision in this area? 30 years of industrial decline and increasing debt obligations. 30 years of lacking proper planning and development procedures. Lacking results and concrete plans to improve the community through education and jobs. Yet, when we hear these education advocates we never seem to hear how we are going to improve the education system and the curriculum. Instead, it is focused on generating a new building and constructing new facilitiies. Which hardly improves the school but rather puts ill-educated students in a new building. Why has the educational hierarchy failed in this where so many kids have to take remedial classes in a wide variety of subjects. Where is our local officials in producing substantial economic gains and improvement in incomes, job stability, and the like.

Creating low wage burger flipping and retail jobs is not the way to the future but a return to leaner times. Not an Army inspired saying of "Be All you can be" but rather a return to economic slavery and despondency. Instead of promoting self sufficiency and hard work, it promotes economic dependency and a lack of ambition and constructing the conditions that promote economic empowerment. Why is it that our local officials lack understand and education to see where these trends are going? Salem Corruption Active Search Results

Cleaning Up the Streets

One would imply that the title of this commentary is regarding the cleaning of the local streets, yet it could be so much more. While Washington County has a littering problem with some people thinking that their neighborhoods are nothing more than garbage disposals, one has to wonder what type of culture thinks that this is ok. Why is it that Washington County has the cleanest cars in the area? Because all of the litter is on the side of the road. Are you too lazy to pick up after yourselves and put the waste where it needs to be which is in the county landfill, dumpster, or your local gas station trashcan. Why is it that some of you feel the need to litter the roadsides with beer bottles, coke bottles, food bags, garbage, sofas, etc. Do you not have any shame?

Furthermore, why doesn't the city and county work on roadside cleanups and instead of pot bellied pigs sitting behind a desk all day, perhaps some honest labor would help. That way you could beautify your community and work at getting healthy at the same time.

Regarding other trash, why is it that standards of personal behavior are so low? Do you not think that you might be an embarrassment to your relatives, family, or loved ones. Do you think that drunken behavior is really healthy? Or that substance abuse problem? And why aren't the churches of Washington County speaking out about the contemporary issues regarding these behaviors and offering help to those with those problems. Where is the true Christian Compassion and behavior to help those around you in need.

Or has that also been lost to the pop culture, selfishness, and laziness that has been sprouted by the seeds of the modern pop culture and what is constantly being promoted. Why aren't our churches speaking out about that?

Why is there trash on city streets, public places like the Washington Square Shopping Center on South Main Street and all over the sidewalks and county roads in the whole county not just in Salem. Does anyone understand what a trash can is used for an not to throw out trash from your car window. Salem Corruption Active Search Results

Salem Economic Development

What is it that we need to do as citizens to not see our town suffer the fate of so many small towns when more of the industry that actually pays living wages leaves town? Furthermore, are we going to have a county administration that will actually work for economic development and the betterment of all the citizens of the county.

Does the new Mayor of Salem have a plan for this as well? I think we should at least give him a chance to see if he can actually bring new businesses to the city rather than letting things deteriorate like the last few administrations have done.

Does Mayor Dave have any idea of how to attract new businesses other than low wage dollar stores and Wal Marts to Salem. Especially when half the Washington County workforce has to leave the county and spend 20....30......50 bucks to fill up their tank to travel to Scottsburg, Seymour, Columbus, Bedford or the Louisville Metro area to find a decent job. Are these people clueless? Old and out of touch and incompetent?

Seems that the past several administrations including county council, county commissioners, and the city government have no clue on attracting well paying industry and businesses. In fact, it seems that they would rather sit on their hands and let someone else do the job they refuse to do. Maybe there are too many things that need to be covered up like corruption in the county government, corruption in politics, and law enforcement corruption and judicial malfeasance Salem Corruption Active Search Results

Local Churches? Just more empty rhetoric

Why is it that our so called local churches are not participating in the debate about economics and living wages when many of their members struggle to survive? Are these people largely corrupt as well? Or is it more important that the masses show them the money to pay their salaries so instead of rocking the boat they go on with the mistreatment of people and economic disempowerment? Where are the real religious leaders?

One has to wonder where these people are at since obviously the degeneration, loss of family values, loss of living wages, etc have occurred in the local county area. Where are the real ministers?

Or are they scared of offending some political hack so that their 501c3 tax exempt status is revoked. Or do these Christian ministers actually believe in the Bible and truth? If they actually do, then why are they not speaking out on contemporary issues that affect the American family, our people, and those with faith and even those without.

Why is it that some of these people refuse to speak out regarding workplace mistreatment, greed, economic, social and political corruption. Or shall being hypocrites the order of the day not only in the past but the present generation. Salem Corruption

Educational Mismanagement at Washington County Schools

Why is it that the local schools despite all of the money that is poured into those schools, not really improved. I can recall a day when one taking the SAT actually had to know something. After that time period, the powers that be turned around and watered down the SAT and also made lower scores more acceptable. Isn't the county school system failing the kids of this county, state and nation when many of them get out of school and are not able to be sufficiently employed at something above low wage employment.

Where is the focus on true education? Or is it based on the fact that the schools are more interested in getting money for new facilities and sports teams? Why isn't the school board focusing on correcting the educational issues of the day rather than socially promoting those children who have not kept up with the standards?

Kind of like how Salem and West Washington schools have been on academic probation on occasion the last couple of decades. Wonder why these highly paid professionals are turning out generations of people who cannot function at a respectable level. Could it be they are incompetent in their jobs and the teachers union and educational establishment covers up that incompetence Salem Corruption Salem Corruption Active Search Results

Local Employment

I would love to ask our county commissioners and county council members in addition to city officials why this area cannot attract and keep good jobs that pay truly living wages and can support a family, basic retirement, and the local economy?

Why is it that around 40 percent of the people from the county have to drive to the surrounding counties and the Louisville area every day for employment? Doesn't Salem have enough to offer regarding employment and employees?

Why is it that our county has an Economic Development Zone and tax credits for citizens and the locals, yet little economic development takes place. If one listens to the public maestro of the economic development game, you would believe that he is getting ready to get things booming in Washington County. Or is he? Exactly who does this well placed individual represent? Is he working for the citizens of Washington County? Or is he working for the few proud small businesses that pay substandard wages and offer no benefits? Yet these are often the same people with quite good lifestyles compared to most citizens of Washington County, Indiana.

Exactly what have these economic development officials in Salem done for the past 30 years? Other than a couple of factories expanding, not much? Where is our representatives in the Indiana House and Senate on economic development in the rural areas of Southern Indiana? Why is it that Central Indiana and the metro areas are getting the jobs?

To hear our local economic planning maestro, one would think that he is doing a bang up job regarding economic development. I guess that would be in his case since he hasn't done much of anything. I would assume that if he gets his proposed motel, then he can pat himself on the back meanwhile the workers will continue finding those seven and eight dollar an hour jobs that might get you a small trailer.

Why is it that Washington County continues to fail at bringing growth jobs and economic empowerment to its citizenry? Does it depend on NEPOTISM? Where have all of the people who have held the mayors office been all these years? How about all of these advocacy organizations that get public funds, yet deliver little. Why aren't our county commissioners standing up about these issues with the economy, government spending, and little being done to improve the livelihoods of citizens? Or are they more interested at smiling at cameras and looking pretty?

One has to wonder how people so incompetent can continue to run a community straight into the ground with its crumbling streets, crumbling downtown area, poorly maintained areas, and yet be elected to office time and time again. How come every town outside of Salem has been growing and adding new businesses and shopping, restaurants, and paying employers yet Salem does not? Is it more important about looking pretty for the cameras so you can get your mug shot in the paper? Or is it more important that your kids have a excellent quality of life, good schools, good employment opportunities.

Instead, we get sold down the road by the local officials who are pretty much only competent at scratching the backs of those they are friends with.

The local clowns in Salem think that getting a Wal Mart is going to fix their problems and see it as a great thing. Not that I'm against a Wal Mart coming to Salem. But the question has to be? What kind of jobs and businesses are they going to work on attracting to this area? More low wage service jobs that can't support a family? Ask yourself that or better yet ask the Salem City Council and Washington County Commissioners and Council Salem Corruption Active Search Results

Development Issues

Why isn't the community focusing on economic development on a much larger scale than focusing on small businesses that pay less than standard wages? If one wants to start a small business, there is always the SBA programs offered by the government. However, it seems that local officials are more interested in figuring out how to get a 200,000 training grant that will be wasted,mismanaged, and in someones pocket. Meanwhile, there won't be nothing to show for this effort. Just more low wage jobs, more training for perpetually employed burger flippers, and fewer living wage jobs.

Real economic development means creating and enticing real companies providing real living wage jobs and not some low wage service outfit that pays 8 dollars an hour. Why doesn't our public servants go work for 8 bucks an hour and see how it feels? Why don't all the community do gooders that brag about their measly accomplishments such as planting flowers go work for 8 an hour. I would suspect that due to their being placed near some of the good ole boys that you can expect they won't.

It's always amazing to hear these people proclaiming their love for leadership but providing little leadership to speak of. Referring to your local population as nothing more than slaves and outcasts of the caste system isn't leadership. Leadership is setting the example for others to follow, not hollow promises, planting a couple of trees, and patting yourself on your back. However, in their liberal feel good society, I'm sure that it is something for those so called leaders to feel proud of.

At least if you have the arrogance to look down on the local citizenry as nothing but a bunch of rabble, at least make sure that you accomplished something first other than living off of the old mans money. Salem Corruption Active Search Results

Higher Standards Anyone

It's time for Salem to engage in higher standards of conduct and the willpower to hold these people accountable for their lack of direction, motivation, and desire to improving the lives on the local citizenry. Poor schools, lack of education, lack of economic empowerment, development problems, and the desire for public servants to sit on their rears shouldn't be where this community is going and where it should be. It's time for these people to be held accountable for their lack of action and effort other than showing up and drawing a paycheck.

Why is it that the city has not progressed much in years despite being 20 miles from the nearest interstate highway and only 35 miles from Louisville? Why don't the city leaders start moving to get things done? Why is it that our taxes constantly increase despite the fact that we have little industrial base and business base here to offset the pillaging of the local taxpayer through property taxes?  It's time for Salem to engage in higher standards of conduct and the willpower to hold these people accountable for their lack of direction, motivation, and desire to improving the lives on the local citizenry. Poor schools, lack of education, lack of economic empowerment, development problems, and the desire for public servants to sit on their rears shouldn't be where this community is going and where it should be. It's time for these people to be held accountable for their lack of action and effort other than showing up and drawing a paycheck.

Why is it that the city has not progressed much in years despite being 20 miles from the nearest interstate highway and only 35 miles from Louisville? Why don't the city leaders start moving to get things done? Why is it that our taxes constantly increase despite the fact that we have little industrial base and business base here to offset the pillaging of the local taxpayer through property taxes?
Salem Corruption Active Search Results

Exposing the Good Old Boy System

What can be done to deconstruct the good old boy system that has so much power over citizens rights and basic economic life in the area? Salem Corruption Active Search Results